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Sam Parker, an artist and designer from Vancouver, crafts posters that pay homage to iconic locations and emphasize growth-centric themes. His artwork radiates with vibrant colors, taking cues from early 20th-century advertising graphic design. By intertwining the nostalgia of a city's renowned buildings and locations, he creates pieces that resonate across the spectrum of experience. The ultimate aim of Sam's creations is to adorn
your walls, serving as a visual delight.


Vancouver Mural Fest, Make Good Party 2023

In 2022, after dedicating four months to crafting a new design daily for a year, printmaking emerged as an expression of Parker's artistic journey. His vision transcended digital screens, aiming to adorn physical walls with captivating posters. Upon completing the 365-day challenge, Parker diversified his portfolio, giving rise to three distinct projects. @samparker.jpg 
showcases Parker's evolving artistry, a testament to his quest for progress and growth. @urban_nostalgiaa celebrates the unique architectural and cultural landmarks of cities, starting with Vancouver and broadening its horizons. Meanwhile, @infographicdigest stems from Parker's professional role as an infographic designer at Visual Capitalist, reflecting his expertise in visual storytelling.


Sam Parker was born in Colombus, Montana in 1990. He moved frequently before settling in Vancouver in the mid-2000s. After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a BA in printmaking, Sam worked in the restaurant industry while continuing his art practice. He returned to BCIT to study graphic design in 2017. It was here that Parker's passion for graphic design reignited. He worked as a freelance designer for several years before joining the team at Visual Capitalist as an infographic designer in the summer of 2021. Parker undertook the "365 Design Challenge," creating a new design every day for a year. He currently resides in the wonderland that is Vancouver, Canada, and eagerly anticipates his next adventure.


Vancouver Mural Fest, Winter Arts Festival 2023

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